Chill and breath

Sometimes just sitting with your eyes closed and breathing deep can help you clear your mind and organize your thoughts. So when you feel stressed try to just sit and concentrate on your breathing; this will relax your parasympathetic system and lower your cortisol thus you will feel more relaxed and centered. Namaste, my friends!

Self Love

Self love is one of the most important aspect of our overall wellness. Anytime if you feel defeated or simply just want to feel self love/bliss. All you have to do is place one hand on top of each other on your heart center ( Anahata Chakra) and sit as long as you can breath; as you inhale relax your belly and as you exhale contract your belly button to your spine gently ( not using more energy than needed.) It is said that the heart center is a center of infinite love/source energy that if we focus on it , we will be able to tap into this feeling anytime we need a little uplift. So take care of your body and your mind. See you on the mat, my beautiful friends. Namaste!

Mool Mantra

The Mool Mantra (Root Mantra) lyrics:
Ek onkar
Sat naam
Kartaa purkh
Nirbhao nirvair
Akaal moorat
Saibhang, gur prasaad Jaap
Aad sach
Jugaad such
Hai bhee such
Naanak hosee bhee such

A very powerful and empowering Kundalini mantra to evoke changes in your destiny.This mantra also provoke purity, prosperity and grace.

I personally chant this while I do the Kundalini #kriya to help send that positive energy up my spine and during moving/ meditation ( for an hour.)

Namaste, friends!

Pose of the Day: Staff Pose

Pose of the day:
#Dandasana aka #staffpose

How to:
From sukasana uncross your legs so it is extended straight in front of you. Flex your feet; your toes curl towards your knees. Knee cap facing straight up and not v out to the side. Use your hand to manually adjust your sit bones back and sit up tall. Pull your shoulders back and down. Focus ( #dristhi) your eyes straight ahead. Use your breath to grow longer through your leg and spine. Sit up tall.
Your hands can be beside you or above you to extend your spine more.

-strengthens abs
-improves postures
-lenghtens spines
Poses that are basically the same but it is inverted or on the feet instead:
1) Flat back/ardha uttanasana if you flip it so it’s on your feet.

2) On the hands it’s like a #handstand with a bend on the hips extending through the feet.
Namaste, friends!