Mool Mantra

The Mool Mantra (Root Mantra) lyrics:
Ek onkar
Sat naam
Kartaa purkh
Nirbhao nirvair
Akaal moorat
Saibhang, gur prasaad Jaap
Aad sach
Jugaad such
Hai bhee such
Naanak hosee bhee such

A very powerful and empowering Kundalini mantra to evoke changes in your destiny.This mantra also provoke purity, prosperity and grace.

I personally chant this while I do the Kundalini #kriya to help send that positive energy up my spine and during moving/ meditation ( for an hour.)

Namaste, friends!

Pose of the Day: Staff Pose

Pose of the day:
#Dandasana aka #staffpose

How to:
From sukasana uncross your legs so it is extended straight in front of you. Flex your feet; your toes curl towards your knees. Knee cap facing straight up and not v out to the side. Use your hand to manually adjust your sit bones back and sit up tall. Pull your shoulders back and down. Focus ( #dristhi) your eyes straight ahead. Use your breath to grow longer through your leg and spine. Sit up tall.
Your hands can be beside you or above you to extend your spine more.

-strengthens abs
-improves postures
-lenghtens spines
Poses that are basically the same but it is inverted or on the feet instead:
1) Flat back/ardha uttanasana if you flip it so it’s on your feet.

2) On the hands it’s like a #handstand with a bend on the hips extending through the feet.
Namaste, friends!

Pose of the day:
#Vrksasana ( Tree Pose)

Stand in #tadasana, find your dristhi (focus) and shift your weight on one foot while bringing the lifted sole of the foot either beside your ankle, inside of your inner thighs or at your hip creases. Stand up straight.
Press down on the four corners of your standing leg, tighten your abs and lift it upwards as your open your chest, pull you shoulders back. Hands can be in prayer in front of your heart center or opened up wide overhead with palms facing each other (dialing the pinky back)

-improves balance
-strengthens lower body
-stretches inner tights/groins
-helps to prevent and improve flat feet.
Namaste, friends!

Always have #selflove towards yourself because you are worth every second of that attention you give yourself. Happiness doesn’t have to come from the outside or material world. We can give ourselves happiness by caring about our actions and cultivating self awareness; and that is the first step for happiness. Whenever I feel trapped or vulnerable, I would put my hands on my heart chakra and close my eyes and breath. And know that is it all supposed to be this way and it is a test to help me grow. And alot of anger , sadness and resentment comes from the attachment to results. When we do something, think about this…we are just planting the seeds. It will grow, so give it time. We would tell at the dirt to tell the apple seed we plant to grow quicker. It will grow when you take care of your own garden of Eden. So water it, nuture and watch it grow and be enlightened.

Meditation = calmer mind

Set your mind free by putting some time aside for yourself. You could do meditation for ten mins, just sit and breath, or even just close your eyes and let your imagination go, a short yoga practice.Nowadays everyone is stressed out because we have lost focus on what is one of the most important task which is personal growth and self love. So take ten mins out to care for yourself; after a while you will start feeling the positive effect. Namaste!