Blog of Loren: Artist Series Details

Director: Cynthia Loren
Location: Midtown Studio (TBA)
Duration: 15-20 mins interviews
Shoot Time: TBA May/June

Submission details:
-Submit through email at

-In the emails please include:
1.) Artist’s name, three art samples (art sites, attachments, etc.)
2.) Contact info (email address/phone number/ or facebook* optional.)
3.) Please provide a bio and description of your art (inspirations, prefer form of medium, etc.)
4.) Please provide a time frame, such as preferred day and estimated time frames in late May and early June. If you are unsure of your schedule, please mention it in the email.

Goal of this project:
The goal of this project is to promote local artists; and connect with others to organize group art shows & potential collaborations. 10 artist will be chosen to participate in this project.

Thank you so much,
for more of my work please visit

Also I have an art showing at Lovecraft on April 29th, more info will be shared soon on my blog and at my officialart website.