Hi hi! Been busy!

Hi hi! Been super busy with brand ambassador, acting and film making work!
Recently I have worked with Vega One, everyone is super nice and they have the same positive vibes like I have. Plus I am obsessed with their snack bars and shakes. So good for you!

So anyways, a little update about moi, me and one of my colleagues Greg Suarez, not only he is a funny comedian and writer, he is also my best friend! So our talk show is about films, horror, beers to pair with movies, funtrivia about old Hollywood and etc. You smarty get the idea! So I am super excited for the show to premiere on YouTube this Friday at 6pm EST.

Follow our show’s social media:

Twitter: @midnightramshow
Instagram: @midnightramblertheshow

email: midnightramblertheshow@yahoo.com

Stay tune!


New Workout Videos are Gonna Be Out Soon!

Hi gals and pals, been busy working and creating so didn’t get a chance to write. But here I am! πŸ™‚

Anyways, just recorded a workout video that focuses on working out while you are watching tv. We all have days where we are soooo tired after work, filming or just a hot day. So this video is really gonna make you feel good. Because although you are tired, that doesnt mean you have to skip a toning session/workout. Gonna be out on Sunday if i can rush it.

Stay positive and fit.

I’m Back!

Hey gals and guys! As you can see, I haven’t been keeping up to date with the blog. Sorry about that, haha. I have been quite busy with acting, writing and producing. Also I am launching a new section on my blog, which is the cooking corner, in which I will teach you how to make healthy food at home quick. Also when it gets warmer here in NYC, I will also start to film a series of yoga/strength work out videos for building lean muscles, getting slim and healthy.

So everything is on track, and is in a working progress Stay tune!
More things to come in a couple of weeks.

Love, Cynthia