Feel The Love of Mama Nature! ✌️😉🌈

Did you know that by hugging, touching a tree or putting your bare foot onto mother Earth can drain out your negative energy? Anytime I feel like I need to ground myself I will go out and hug a tree, touch the tree while chanting a mantra or just simply take off my shoes and let my feet though the earth. It is extremely helpful into cleansing our energy. But if you don’t have a backyard or close to nature; you can also burn some sage (keep an eye on it) and then open up all the windows to let the negativity escape and then close the window. You will feel as if the it is a new world. Namaste, my friends!!


Chickpeas Powder is Awesome!

chickpeas powder

I have been experimenting with chickpeas powder for skin, hair and food recipes! And I am coming up with tons of beauty and health recipes made with chickpeas powder!
Did you know chickpeas powder are also called gram powder? It is widely used in India and also very popular with the vegan crowd! It contains tons of healthy proteins, fats, fibers and vitamins. Not only is chickpeas powder extremely delicious and beneficial to eat; it is extremely good for making homemade organic face and hair masks!
Oh yah, also my kitchen is almost done so time to film my new healthy cooking show to teach people how to cook with healthy recipes. More updates soon. And yes, of course I will be doing tons of recipes with chickpeas, and that also includes recipes for hair and skin. So stay tune gals and guys and whatever is in between.

Coffee Lovers!

I have recently decided that I will cut out refined sugars and dairy. So when I go to my fav coffee shop (for coffee Lovers out there like myself who wants to cut back on sugars and diary because they r addictive and causes bloating) I order a black coffee then put honey (I know it is not raw but I like them sweet so sometimes I carry stevia with me).

So stay healthy!
With love!

Tips to stay positive and active!

Lately, I have been doing a whole body cleanse using holistic methods including yoga, detox baths, herbal teas and cutting meat, cheese, and simple starch out. The result is amazing! The whole reason why I started this two weeks ago is that for the past year, due to friends, networking parties, gatherings and holidays I realized that I have been drinking a lot of cocktails that is filled with sugar and added ingredients. So I started getting headaches out of no where, feeling sluggish and don’t want to move, so I don’t have to energy to really cook clean and make my usual healthy smoothies.
To me, keeping a positive mind is so important, especially as an actor. We go to auditions, gets rejected on a daily basics (of course, we also book work, but after tons of auditions) and we run from one place to another in a short amount of times. And if we are lucky, we get booked and we film for 13 hours. After that, all I wanted to do is sleep.
But this isn’t right though. Just because I worked 13 hours that doesn’t mean I have to spend the whole next day on the bed. So after my recent shoot, I went home and slept. Then I woke up and made myself a fresh berry smoothie with all raw ingredients and I feel amazing. Not sluggish at all!
So nutrients are so important. And that was a wake up call. So I took a deep breathe, and determine to get back onto track with my holistic way of life.
Even after two weeks, my mind feels more clear. Things that used to bug me so much, doesn’t bug me as much. Overall I am more relaxed, and not to mention I can see my abs again, which is def a confidence boost.

Okay so onto my tips to stay positive and active!

1.) Sleep a little earlier and wake up earlier
2.) Drink a fresh glass of warm almond/coconut milk before bed
3.) Eliminate all artificial foods/drinks
4.) Do cardio; even if it is just light cycling for thirty mins
5.) Practice yoga at least four times a week
6.) Let the petty things go; be more open minded
7.) Be a listener because you will be surprised what you might learn when your mind is quiet and actually listening to others, instead of waiting for your turn to talk
8.) Be generous; you don’t have to fight about everything, if things are not going your way. Let it go, and find a solution. i.e. Like you and your friends wanted to eat somewhere and you really wanted to go to this one place but the group doesn’t, then let it go. You can go another time with the right people and right time. There is no rush, there will always be restaurant you like around. And this principle applies to almost everything
9.) Eat with discipline
10.) Laugh and smile more
11.) Surround yourself with happy positive people, and if people are all negative and makes you feel bad. Travel alone is better than traveling with unwanted negative energy
12.) Have some understanding towards your own body and mind; we all wanted to be in top shape, but everything takes time. If you don’t see results right away, continue your healthy lifestyle. You will get there. Never compare, because everyone’s metabolism is different. This is science and a fact. We can only do what we can do to improve it
13.) Quit being something you are not; be yourself, if others don’t like you because you are truly yourself, then they are not friends at all. Friends are like family, they are there to support you and make your journey easier and more enjoyable
That’s it for now.
Stay positive and happy Friday!

7 Ways to De-stress Your Day and Make it a Better one!

Oh yah, and this is some great way to fight depression too!
1.) Work out
Work out might sounds like a “chore” or “ugh, so tough” to a lot of people. But actually when we feel down or sluggish that’s exactly what our body needs to wake up the mind!
-Cardio (anything that speeds up the heart rate, even just dancing to our fav music works._
-Pilates/Yoga (this is something gentle and less “intense” you can do to stretch out your muscles, calm your mind and achieve peace.
-Weights (this will EMPOWER you and make you feel good about yourself. You would feel like you “did” something, and since your body is working extremely hard, there is no room for self-doubt.
2.) Eat Well
What we put in your body makes a big difference and has a big impact on your body and minds.
Just like it you want your car to run well and smoothly, you would take good care of it. Such as give it the best fuel and best maintenance TLC. This goes for your body too! Whole foods such as bananas, berries, cacao, nuts has a natural property to lift out moods. Plus, you will look great if 90 percent of the food you put in your body is whole food. I know it is a pain to always research what fruit or foods are best for us. For this will never go wrong; if the food you choose don’t have chemical added, and it came directly from the earth and not human tempered. You are in good standing!
3.) Detox/ Cleanse
I am not talking about detox “fad” or those “do the detox and lose ten pounds” kind of detox.
I am talking about doing detox for the right reasons. Those reasons should be mainly for health or spiritual reasons. When you do a cleanse, your body will go thru a journey in which you will physically and mentally feel. During a cleanse, many people experience headaches, dizziness, mood swings. But that all shall pass if you persist and finish the cleanse (but of course if you have health issues, always consult your doctor before starting any sort of cleanse.) After the cleanse, you will feel fresher, more motivated and you will also look physically in shape (because all the toxins that was hiding in your body; which is mostly why people that eat unhealthy looks bloated.) But selecting a cleanse can be hard, so let me help! Remember, always listen to your body and consult your doctor before starting any cleanse if you have previous health issues or are suffering from illness and etc.

Master Cleanse: This cleanse is a tough one, but I do it every year to purge all the toxins I have acquired after the holiday seasons, yes, Christmas. I do it not for “slimming” reasons, I do it because I found this cleanse to be the most dramatic detox cleanse I have ever tried. Basically, you drink this spicy lemonade (cayenne/lemon juice/water) and herbal laxatives (at night before bed) for 10 to 14 days. I usually do 10 to 12 days because it is extremely tough, but in my personal experience, after the three or fourth days, I stopped craving for solid foods and my headache went away and I felt AMAZING!

With that said, this cleanse is not have everyone. And here is why
-You will feel light headed, cranky and wants to rest
-You are not supposed to exhaust yourself physically, meaning no weights, no heavy exercises…
-You will want to go to the bathroom all the time, so you need to be by the bathroom
-You want to nap and rest
-You are not going to have energy for the first five days

But now, who is this mostly suitable for…
-If you have two weeks’ vacation, so you can just relax and do some yoga
-If you are housesitting (because you are by a bathroom and in your own space practically)
-If you are a healthy person who wants to do this as health reasons
-You are supportive friends/family (of course this is optional, but since this is a fasting type of cleanse, it is exactly hard to be around people that is unsupportive and insist to eat junk foods or food around you. That’s why personal space during this cleanse to me is essentials, unless your family or friends are doing it with you. I personally LOVE the buddy systems)
-Have been eating unhealthy and feels bloated and tired.

Raw Veggies Cleanse: As you can tell by the name, you can eat anything that is a vegetable. You
Can make personal salads (the dressing can be lemon juice, vinegar and olive oil, of course this has to be freshly made). Teas and juices are ok too.

This cleanse is easy to do, I would give it two weeks to a month to purge all the toxins out before eating anything diary or meat.

Juice Cleanse: During these 5 to 7 days, all you will drink are these “cleansing juices”. All you need is a juicer and ingredients, such as fresh greens, herbs and fruits.

As this is a liquid cleanse, you will have to stop by the bathroom quite a bit. So be close to one at all times during this cleanse, and you want to decrease your physical activities as you are not ingesting as much calories as you normally do.

*The list goes on and on, but here are the main ones that I personally have done and are quite happy with. But again, listen to your body. Anytime where you feel like something is NOT right, please stop and consult a doctor. Again, I am a holistic practitioner, not a doctor.

4.) Keep Busy!
I can’t stress that enough! Give yourself some task to do, or find a hobby. If you keep yourself busy, you won’t have time to clog your minds with unnecessary unproductive self-pity thoughts. I am not saying to hide your inner feelings towards matters, I am talking about “real” unproductive thoughts, such as “oh…I don’t think I will make it in this industry….I feel bad…” Well I believe if you take action and work at it, you will get there eventually. And these self-pity, self-loathing thoughts are actually harmful to your artistic journey/development. So look forward, and make plans to make your dreams happen. No one can do it except you. So start the change and let’s go make something happen.
5.) Stay Away from “Energy/Emotion Vampires”: I don’t think I need to explain this one much. There are people out there who suck people in and drain of all their energy and attentions, and then they leave you with nothing. Avoid those people unless you try to help and they are actually moving towards self-help or wanting to change. Of course, be a good friend to friends that are good towards you. But unfortunately, there are just some people out that who doesn’t care about others, only themselves…

6.) Don’t Get Overwhelmed: Focus On One Task At a Time, of course if you think of tasks as a whole and everything is “coming at ya” even the most calm person will freak out. So focus on what you “can” do, and take it step by step. Even the pyramids are built in a day, it took years and years.

7.) Reward Yourself: Every time you do something good to yourself, towards others, achieves a goal, got something accomplished. Reward yourself! It doesn’t have to be big, it can be as small as saying to yourself “you did good buddy!” or go get yourself a frozen treat. This is important because people often overlook their own success, they think they need to be a millionaire or be a big celebrity in order to think they have “made it”. But the more valuable thing is self-respect and loving. And it has to start within you. We often rely on others to notice us and compliment us in order to feel like we have done something good, or accomplish something and that we are worth it. But we ARE worth it, we have to give ourselves the credits we deserve.


At the end, if we stay strong and healthy we can do anything.
Stay positive and kind!

Healthy Cooked Pepper Salad


Sick of eating salads to stay slim or to detox, switch it up! This recipe is easy to make, and it is great for people who is constantly on the go. Also, since pepper contains a lot of fiber, you will be more full than eating a garden salad. Recently, a lot of my friends are doing cleanses and diets and they are complaining to me that they are so sick of raw foods and salads, and does not want a cheat day since that encourages them to eat more. So I bring to you guys, a quick and easy to make non-cheat meal. It will provide energy, cleanses your body and mind and plus, it is so delicious. Sometimes, simple things are the best thing.

-Sufficient Vitamins C, A, E, B6, Copper, Potassium, Folate and Niacin

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 Large Peppers
3 Large Tomatoes
An Iron Plate Griller (e.g George Foreman’s electric iron plate griller)
A pinch of cayenne and salt

Prep Time:
10 to 15 mins or less depending on the temperature of the grill, I usually do the highest temperature.
The dish is done when everything looks soft and a little brown.

Servings: One

How to:
-Turn on your grill as it can get hot
-Meanwhile, wash your peppers and tomatoes and cut them into slices or chunks (depending on your preference.)
-Put the vegetable on the grill
-Pour Olive oil on to vegetable. Or use a spoon if you don’t want to pour too much.
-Close the grill and wait

-Be careful the content is extremely hot!
-Best eaten when it is steaming hot.

Remember to switch off your grill after you finish cooking.

Clean Organic Tomato Energy Boosting Soup

Name: Clean Organic Tomato Energy Boosting Soup

Uses/Benefits: Detoxes, provides copper, potassium, manganese, dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B6, folate, niacin, vitamin E, and phosphorus. energizes

5 medium organic tomatoes
1 egg
Curry powder
Sea salt
Diced garlic or garlic powder

What you need:
1 glass bowl
A metal plate grill

How to do:
1.) Turn on the plate grill
2.) Slice the tomatoes into 1/2
3.) Place the tomatoes with the sliced side facing up
4.) Use a spoon to carefully sprinkle some extra virgin olive oil on to the top of the tomatoes
5.) Close the top of the plate grill so the tomatoes is “sandwiched” in the middle
6.) Check every 8 mins, until the top of the tomatoes is golden or a little char (not to much!)
7.) Take it off the grill carefully, as the content is extremely runny
8.) Put it in bowl
9.) Crack an egg on to the grill, (if your grill is in an decline or incline, use a spoon to make sure it doesn’t run out of the grill) , then when the egg white is actually white and it stopped running, close the top plate slight (so it is just hovering over the egg), the result should look like a sunny-side up egg
10.) Once it is cooked, take the egg off the grill and put in into the bowl with the tomatoes
11.) Now add the curry powder, sea salt and garlic powder
12.) Stir until it is blended.

To add extra detoxing/energizing power, add a spoonful of cayenne crushed pepper. This method is also great for losing weight and becoming a healthier you.