Halloween Episode will be out on Halloween !!

So our show Midnight Ramblers just aired our first pilot last night at 6pm EST. The response was awesome. Thanks for the support! Anyways, I know our usual time of airing is every Friday at 6pm but then we decided that it would be awesome to do a Halloween episode on Halloween!

Time is TBA at this moment. But will update. And if you guys haven’t followed us on our new social media ig please do!

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My Top 10 Fav Horror Survival Games Ever!

*In order of preferences!

If you are a gamer like I am and enjoyed survival horror games like crazy! This list is for you. These games are timeless and tons of fun to play, from strange story line to beautiful scenarios/stages, and characters you will come to love! You will lose yourself in endless of games time. If you haven’t played these title, go out and get yourself a copy of it.


1,) Haunting Grounds (PS2)

2.)Rule of Rose (PS2)

3.) Obscure : Aftermath (PS2/ Wii)

4.) Dead Premonition (XBOX 360)

5.) Silent Hill Franchise (PS2-XBOX360-PS3 )

6.) Clock Tower: First Fear (Computer)

7.) Fetal Frances Franchise (PS2)

8.) Clock Tower 2 (PS2/ comp)

9.) Condemned (XBOX360)

10.) Siren 1 & 2 (PS2)