Kick Out the Jams!!

One of my favorite band is the #mc5 , they are truly brilliant and ahead if their times. No wonder Iggy in his early days used to track thru snow to walk to their place to hang out with them and jam. Kick Out the Jam and Ramblin’ Rose just kicks it. So great, I never get bored listening to it on vinyl.
P.s….I think it’s Kick Out the Jams with the s, but whatever🤘

Seeing 1221 Everywhere?

If you are seeing 1221 all the time and everything steadily; I got good news for you. This means that it’s a sign to stay focus on the things you are passionate about and set it to motion. When you put intentions and actions together; it is extremely powerful. Remember to stay focused and positive no matter what, the outcomes depends on your inner state of being. Love you all! Have a beautiful day!

I ❤️ We 🐻Bears!!! BEST show EveR!!! 🌼🦄

Bears are probably one of my fav animal out there! And if you too like bears definitely check out the cartoon series #webearbears ! It’s so funny and definitely will uplift you. Plus they r pretty short too and the three bears stack on top on one another as a “bear stack”! Just suggesting something that is uplifting and fun while we are staying indoors and wanna watch something funny animal based. Namaste!! Remember love our animals, eat mainly plant based, smile more, meditate and yoga it up!

Meditation = calmer mind

Set your mind free by putting some time aside for yourself. You could do meditation for ten mins, just sit and breath, or even just close your eyes and let your imagination go, a short yoga practice.Nowadays everyone is stressed out because we have lost focus on what is one of the most important task which is personal growth and self love. So take ten mins out to care for yourself; after a while you will start feeling the positive effect. Namaste!

How to keep off depressions and negative vibes!

Well everyone gets a little blue sometimes, and some can’t help but feel down all day! That includes me, I get a little sad sometimes. But instead of sitting, which makes me “more” sad. I discover that if I do physical activities such as yoga, meditation and aerobics (even slow cycling), eat fresh and raw food, and instead if looking down , I open my eyes and look around. Where I live , there are plants and trees planted along the side walk. So I would do yoga facing the window. Also keeping my room or space bright helps, if the sun is still out opening all your curtains and letting the sun in really makes you realize there is more than ourselves, there is an outside world outside of our enclosed minds. By doing that, it opens up my mind. As my ma always say, “You have to learn how to make your mind talk to the body; so they communicate, and you wilp be more balance and peaceful.” I used to not know what that means, but after practicing the yoga way of life. I understand now.

I hope this helps you aquire a more positive outlook in the near future. Rememeber, don’t force things/events that are not meant to be. Be sensible and do what you can one step at a time.