Natural Alternative to Bleach Bath & Artificial Hair Colour Removal!

This video is designed to teach you how to remove unwanted dyed hair colour from your hair; such as henna, indigo, box hair dye and more. Note that this method (Vitamin C + shampoo) will only lighten dyed hair; not natural hair colour.

Method 1: Vitamin C Colour Wash!
*This will not damage your hair, although your hair might be a little dry afterwards, so use a raw shea butter conditioner and you will be fine!

What you will need:
1.) Vitamin C Powder (in crushed form, or you can crush it yourself. )
2.) Organic Shampoo (I like Avalon Organics: Lemon Clarifying Shampoo.)
3.) 1 tlbspoon of Raw Honey
4.) 1 tlbspoon of Cinnamon
5.) 3 tlbspoon of Strong Chamomile Tea

You may leave this on for 1 to 3 hours, depending how much layers of dye you wanna take off.

Method 2: Baking Soda

*This should not be done on extremely damaged hair, as this method is quite harsh, though extremely effective.

What you will need:
1.) 3-4 tlbspoons of baking soda
2.) Alcohol (that you buy in pharmacy, not the type you drink.)

Mix it in a plastic bowl until it is like the consistency of “split pea” soup.
Leave on for 15 mins to 60 mins, depending on the healthiness of your hair.

Wash and condition as usual. Note, you may want to use a deep conditioner after this, as this will strip colour but also the luster of your hair.

Method 3: Cinnamon & Honey
What you will need:
1.) 3 tlbspoons of raw honey
2.) 1/2 cup of strong chamomile tea
3.) Pure organic cinnamon (as much as you need to make this into a paste, quite like the consistency of henna.)

Put this on your hair for 3 to 5 hours, repeat as needed. As this does not damage your hair, but it will only lighten your dyed hair a little as a time, but it will provide beautiful golden tones to your hair and it will feels soft and looks shiny.

I hope this video helps!
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