My new video about my journey through dealing with certain body image issues!

Always love yourself no matter how bad you feel about yourself about certain matters. At the same time, if we are all trying and actually making different choices in our lives. The guilt and depression will lessen for sure, it might take some time to rewire our heads but with determination we can overcome anything. So I totally understand where some of you guys are feeling; but hang in there, tomorrow will be better if we stay strong and fight for our dreams.


How to quickly snap out of it!

For alot of us getting out of bed has always been a challenges; kudos to those who can just rise and shine! But many of us are just not wired that way.

For me the best way to wake up is once ur alarm is set (no snooze because I feel like it makes me even more sleepy and tired), hop out of bed and do some jumping jacks, planks, squats and side twists. I would pick up the speed not think about anything else but the moment and let the momentum of the body to wake the mind. Then I would brush my teeth and clean up then have a cup of coffee/breakfast. This is a sure way to wake you up plus you will also be in great shape which makes you feel more positive.

It’s a win win situation.
I hope this helps.

How to keep off depressions and negative vibes!

Well everyone gets a little blue sometimes, and some can’t help but feel down all day! That includes me, I get a little sad sometimes. But instead of sitting, which makes me “more” sad. I discover that if I do physical activities such as yoga, meditation and aerobics (even slow cycling), eat fresh and raw food, and instead if looking down , I open my eyes and look around. Where I live , there are plants and trees planted along the side walk. So I would do yoga facing the window. Also keeping my room or space bright helps, if the sun is still out opening all your curtains and letting the sun in really makes you realize there is more than ourselves, there is an outside world outside of our enclosed minds. By doing that, it opens up my mind. As my ma always say, “You have to learn how to make your mind talk to the body; so they communicate, and you wilp be more balance and peaceful.” I used to not know what that means, but after practicing the yoga way of life. I understand now.

I hope this helps you aquire a more positive outlook in the near future. Rememeber, don’t force things/events that are not meant to be. Be sensible and do what you can one step at a time.


My Top 3 Detox Bath that Will Make You Smile and Relax!

We all want to be happy and feeling fresh and light. And a lot of us don’t have a sauna or live close to one. But saunas are one of the best ways to sweat out all your toxins from your body and rejuvenate your mind. So here are few baths that has a similiar effects, and some are just my top detox bath choices.


My Top Five Detox Bath!

1.) The Sweat Lodge

a.) Why is it called that?
It is because this bath recipe will make you sweat for a hour after you get out of the bath,and intensly too!
Not for the faint hearted. Plus it is a little tingy and spicy.

b.) Ingredients:

-half a cup of ground ginger
-one cup of apple cider vinegar
-one cup of sandalwood powder
-six cups of concentrated green tea

c.) Time:
-soak in hot water for 15 to 1 hour.

2.) The Skin Pamperer:

a.) Why is it called that?
It is because afterwards you can basically skip the moisturizer.

b.) Ingredients:
-one cup of Epsom salt
-six drops of lavender oil, sandalwood oil, rose oil
-one cup of vinegar

3.) The Tea Lover:

a.) Why is it called that?
-It is because it is made out of various concentrated tea, and you leave the tea bag in there to put use as a sponge to scrub your face. Note: little pieces of tea leaves will come out, but you can rinse off after.

b.) Ingredients:
-one cup of concentrated: Green tea, Black tea Peppermint Tea, Lavender Tea (six tea bags each, and soak in bowl or tea jug for one hour before pouring into the bath)
-one cup or two cups of sea salt
-one cup of vinegar

Take these baths two to three times a week with a day apart, you will start to feel the difference.

A word of warnings and advice:
-Please consult your doctor if you suffer from any pre-existing illness
-Please listen to your body, if you feel dizzy or sick at anytime, get out immediately, but slow in standing
-If it is your first time, having someone in the house while you take a detox bath is recommended
-Have a ice big jug of water beside the tub, so you can drink water as you will feel thirsty
-Careful when you get up, you will be slightly light headed
-After the bath, have a towel robe, or cotton robe you can wear as you will be sweating for half an hour to an hour. Last time, I sweated for almost two hours before I stopped seating
-Drink plenty of water after, as you have been sweating in the bath