Happy Holidays! Smile with your Pearly Smile.

Woke up super fresh and happy today! Gym is done now wrapping gifts and gonna have a #ketofriendly lunch with fam in a bit. But people has been asking me about my pearly smile. And my secret is that I use #charcoaltoothpaste in the morning! For most days I do oil pulling before I brush with the charcoal toothpaste. Also I use a reusable straw to drink coffee or anything that stains the teeth. But the charcoal toothpaste is really great at cleaning out coffee stains, occasional smoke stain and food stains. Take care of your dental health and you will be smiling for decades to come. #happyholidays #cynthialoren #ketogenicdiet #plantbased #nycactress #nycactors #nycmodels #eurasianmodel

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