Cynthia Loren: A Blog

Yay! My blog is finally up! I have been receiving emails about when I am gonna put up the blog. For those of you guys who doesn’t know me, I am Cynthia Loren. I live in New York. I am an actress, model & dancer.  Few years ago I started my intensive training in acting/dance and just graduated a year and half ago.


I am a big health foodie and very much into yoga and exercises. But I wasn’t always that way. Yes I always exercised and had a pretty active lifestyle.  But then I would eat all the so called “health” diet foods,  which I believed def slowed down my metabolism overall .


Right after graduation, I started going to auditions. And particularly for commercials and such. And a lot of casting director told me that I have a great look, but my body just isn’t ‘fit” enough so they couldn’t book me for that reason. Although I did book a lot of work if it was shooting just my face.


So I started to look for a “lifestyle” change v.s. a “diet” which I think would be a quick fix which I have been doing for years; and it doesn’t work. So I looked into “clean eating” and I did the master cleanse (variation, I did have fruits other then the lemonade) and I was doing yoga and meditation everyday with the exception of Sunday which I would go with my friends for a hike upstate. Within a month, I stopped thinking about extreme partying, drinking, over eating, fast food and problems. And after this, maybe after three months or so, I have dropped at least 30 ibs. And so I started auditioning again, (I think loving yourself and your health comes first before you can do anything else. ) and I started booking jobs after jobs, I even went to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Paris for work.

Then during casting, a lot of actresses and people that were there asked me what is my secret of having such a toned body and i am always in bliss. I explained to them and one of them suggested that I make a blog to post all of secrets about toning body, makeup techniques, fashion and such. So I made a blog with the help of my team of techy supporters. Oh yah, I am also into anime and cosplay, so I get a lot of techy supporters. hehe.


Everything was going swell and beautiful, but about a year ago, while I was dancing I twisted my ankle really bad! Ouch! It was all swollen and not “foot” like looking lol. And when I finally when to seek a professional opinion about what has happened to my ankle (since I thought it was just swollen and hurts, I should wait few days and should go down. Well it didn’t!!)  And I got a fracture and a 3rd degree ankle sprain. Let me tell you, that was something else! You would think “oh just the ankle” but it was such a scary feeling. I couldn’t even lift my toes, or move my ankle. And the pain was just unbearable. It got a little better after the doc prescribed “the aircast” instead of a traditional cast. It was supposed to make the healing fasting. After six months, I am back on my feet. I feel so appreciative about everything and my whole person changed. I no longer linger on problems that cannot be solved (so it’s not a problem. Every problem has a solution, so if there isn’t. That’s a statement not a problem. ) and I don’t worry about auditions anymore. I take everything as it comes. And that’s the way it should be. Although I am not saying slack off by no means!



P.S. If you can think of it, you can do it! Don’t second doubt yourself. Because if you don’t look up to yourself, it doesn’t matter how others look up to you . Because you ended up feeling the same way…so love yourself. And don’t bother with problems that isn’t a problem. We put pressure on ourselves if you think about it, no one is really doing it (there are exceptions but I talking about personal hell) to you. So give yourself some slack and relax and enjoy the world.





Cynthia Loren